makeParent help?

Hi! I’m making a game where you drag and drop pieces onto a robot. When you are finished, it should behave as one robot in the next scene. Right now, I’m having several Python issues. I know Python fairly well, but I’m still figuring out how it fits in with Blender. Here is a sample of my code:

if over.positive and lClick.positive:    objList = copy.deepCopy(scn.objects)
    for object in objList:

When you click on the “Next” arrow, the chassis (called “Cube” right now) should become a parent to all of the robot wheels. I’m having several problems. First, how do I print to the console? It’s frustrating that I can’t even do this. My code also keeps crashing on makeParent(). " ‘Object’ object has no attribute makeParent."

Another issue I’m eventually going to run into is how to get the robot (chassis and all, exactly how it is dragged and dropped) into the next scene. It’s not my biggest concern at the moment. I’m also having issues importing other Blender modules (like copy), but I’m going to figure that out as soon as I post this.

Yeah, so I know I have a lot of issues right now. But if anyone could offer a little insight on any one of these problems, I would really appreciate it.


for obj in objList:

#add objects to your scene['SceneName']

you can toggle the console you are printing to @ InfoHeader->Window->Toggle System Console

you can inspect Python objects in the interactive console using auto completion(ctrl+space) or in the outliner using the ‘Datablock’ option