[ Generate a pillow ]


I’ve always felt that the typical way of setting up cloth sims and force fields just for a pillow to be a little laborius especially when it can be simplified to a simple Space Bar > Type Make Pillow and hit enter and let it do it for you.

Well thats just what this addon does.

Warning: This is an early version, and modifiers have to be applied manually.

This isn’t an oversight, if the modifiers we’re applied you wouldn’t be able to scrub through the timeline to pick a frame of your choice.

This addon will generate a pillow for you. Available here:


Thanks you Dear blendedmarks,
Very usefull for other uses too…

PS: Make Pillow is not a good name:
The name of your py file must be like other object py file, please.
Look in your addons folder of Blender: is better.

Thanks for usefull addon

Hi thanks for the replies everyone but.

How is that better?

Clever idea. I tried it and it works. Will there be updates to this that will allow for custom shapes?

It wasn’t in the roadmap at the time of creating the addon but its something I can look into.

Well, it follows the common style for object-adding addons. I’d go with “”
Nice addon, by the way.

the link you posted is not found?