MakerBot Replicator 2 Model

this was a commission for

Modelled in Blender… textures edited with Gimp.
Rendered with Blender Internal

to know more about the Replicator 2 go to

have you actually used one of these machines? I can tell you, it’s a total nightmare…

In the future we will create all things using light “frozen” to particles, placed in exact positions using quantum computers, to “print” everything. Agriculture will be not needed but just a hobby. Food, machines, ships, all will be created with these “printers”.

never used one, but read the same :slight_smile:

never used one, but read the same :slight_smile:

in that future, as long as people can still have sex the usual way/s, i don’t care about the rest.

I’d believe it was a real if you put it in a scene.

I have one of the first versions, the “Cupcake”. It is a real pain, it gets halfway through a print and the piece either pops of or the extruder hits the piece and the belt jumps… I was hoping the newer ones would be better but according to Kemmler they are just as bad.

thats enough to not make me buy it anytime soon :slight_smile:

I picked one up a few weeks back, and so far am loving it. Got the 3d Scanner too… and while the scanner resolution is not as high as I thought it would be… the printer is working rock solid.