MakerHuman : Problem with too slow process !

Hello all member

I have problem with MakerHuman , I thing MH is very useful to created Low polygon Character and Make Character pose in Action. ( I love Rigg Mode so much ! )

But my problem is …, When i push P to Realtime after i set up Vertex Group, My computer run too slow (i wait for 3 minutes), Is this an error in python script ?

Have any one can solve this problem ?

Thank you for your information.

My computer
AMD sempron 2600+ (1.8GHz)
ram 256
VGA : GeForce4MX 64 MB

the makehuman mesh is very high poly [for the game engine]

bone deformation in the game engine is done in software, so it eats a lot of cpu and makes things very slow [it is difficult to have more than 15 armature deformed meshes without too much of a slowdown, regardless of how low poly]

try to make your own mesh, it is good to be able to anyway

If you look on the makehuman web site, there is a new python script and a article on it that will identify the non manifold faces and edges of a makehuman mesh.

You can then use blenders decimator tool to cut down the number of faces after you correct the non manifold edges. I have successfull gotten a morphed makehuman mesh down to 500 faces.

Now before you try this you should know that the decimator tool in any 3d program only makes and estimate of where it can delete faces and keep the general form of your mesh. In other words YOU RESULTS MAY VARY. You might really hate what the decimator does to you really nicely morphed makehuman mesh. Use it at your own risk.

For me this is a godsend. My modeling and artistic skill suck. But I can make a good storyline for a game. What I intend to do is use MH just to make the characters then make the game/interactive3d world(web plugin or vrml) then let others that have more modeling skils clean up the meshes if they so desire.