Makes my head tilt to the right...

Hey there.

Click for Higher resolution (1280x1024)

Pure Blender, internal render. 2.45
~2 days o’ work, 20 min rendertime.

Some Scene/Wire Shots

cheers :spin:

actually, i tilted my head to the left :slight_smile: good work with the textures.

Very interesting scene! I’m not sure what it means, but it’s a pleasure to look at. The camera angle is intriguing, the textures are quite realistic, and the lighting gives it a sort of mysterious look.

nice one :slight_smile: it really makes u tilt right :slight_smile:

although for some critique, the umbrella material lacks some specular/reflection, the stairway part nearest to the camera could use more detailing, also the 2nd umbrella from the bottom (stairway bottom) looks strange for some reason, some awkward lighting there.

Apart from that i really like the idea and the shot, good work :slight_smile: 4 stars

  • Kroni

Trippy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I really like it.

I agree with the comments about your textures TheAmiMan, excellent work there. Interesting subject too, is there a story behind it?

great!! it does want to make your head tilt to the right

absolutely incredible!
Where was this picture taken?
I especially like the way the umbrella brings out the colour of your eyes.

Set up a poll, did you head turn left or right?

Great piece, i like it as it is, and my head turned left. :slight_smile:

My head turned both ways, trippy image, nice idea.

Sweet! My head tilted to the right, and then turned to the left.
Neato idea! :eyebrowlift:

Nice Image. My head tipped to the right and something in my neck cracked. Nice textures and concept. Stairs seem a bit dark. Probably just my screen lol.

beautiful composition, 5 stars.

+1 Gallery

I’m personally not a fan of pitch black areas like in that pic. But I think it was intended here.

Thanks for your replies.

Everybody, whos head tilted left … uhh go see a doctor would u? might be serious…

@kroni: thanks for the critics, i changed some of them.

@Radishimo: thanks… yeah there is a story behind it. Actually its obvious…
Its a scene from special fantasy land, all the people there are umbrellas, and the mighty enemy, the stairs try to kill them, but the umbrellas found a way to escape by floating through the air… just then the stairs remembered they can’t move and became so angry, they turned black…

mmh actually mighty stairs and mighty floor are allies … so yeah … too bad

didnt occur to u hu? mmh guess whos also seeing the doctor …



no but seriously … its a scene from special fantasy land

ooooooo thats weird :slight_smile:

Hmm, you just replaced Summer in Antarctica for my desktop bg.

I only tilted my head after reading that every one else did… (looked the same to me). I suppose I spent too much time looking down stairwells as a kid…

The first time I can feel satisfied that I gave a worthy 5 star vote. Ladies and gents, this is the standard. You should submit this to the gallery. Also I think you’ll blow their mind. This is the first Blender piece where I have actually said to myself, ‘that’s not a render’ then I saw the wire frame. :slight_smile:
Fantastic work, it is more than a render, it’s art. The way the harsh colours clash with the darkness of the stairs is no accident. You obviously know a lot about photo composition. Something I need to learn. You must be happy with the results.

It’s like that one hitchcok-film! Very realistic, like it. 5 *****

A good one for CGTalk, i think that site lacks some imagination sometimes and that clever more unusual stuff like this is usially up their street.