makeScreenshot with Alpha?

Hey everyone…
I have found, that taking Screenshots from a bge render is possible with
My question… Is it possible to save an image with a transparent background?

I have found this function:
But unfortunately it doesn’t matter if I set alpha to 0. When saving the image with makeScreenshot the background still has no alpha :frowning:

Nobody has an idea if this is somehow possible?

I do not know if that is possible, but you can set a background color that is unique in the picture. Later you can make this color transparent (with Gimp for example).

ok thanks monster… that is what I also have though already… This would work great for clipped alpha values, but what if we have 50% transparency :frowning:

does someone know what this I can do with ImageRender?
class bge.texture.ImageRender(scene, camera)