Makeshift Cable-car

Meant to look like a little temporary, like it was made from a kit. There are some banding problems, especially on the T-Joints, even though they’re properly smoothed and subsurfed; trying to figure that out. No textures yet.


Looks nice. Hey, though, if that’s sub-surfed, then maybe it’s you accidentally creased the edges, that could have something to do with it.

Man, that looks great! Arelly cool design

Maybe a rope or chain at the entrance as a barrier ?

Added some more details and cleaned things up a bit. The banding on the T-Joints is a problem in the mesh that happened when I bevelled (wish there was a bevel modifier!). I’ll need to go back and tweak it; fortunately I’m using linked duplicates so if I change one, all will change.

Here are some close-ups; quick renders with less AO. The first is the control bar (attached by duct tape). The second is the assembly on the roof.


Hey, it sucks for you that the banding’s stuck there.

Nice job so far. This is all very interesting, what’s it going to be used for?

Fixed the banding on the T-Joints; it only took a few minutes in the end although it’s still a little messy. I’ll need to do the same with the corners and maybe the pipes. In the future I think I need to work more with subsurf creases, although they don’t end up looking as nice as bevel+subsurf.

This is just a little project to get back in practice with Blender after not having time for it for a while. Not sure where it’ll go from here.