Maketarget 2.2 for Blender is ready...

maketarget is a Blender modelling tool to load/save/mix makeHuman morphings.
If you are a skilled Blender artist now you can easily help makehuman project:

Quick maketarget video tutorial:

And, of course, maketarget script:

maketarget 2.2

How to help us?

  • learning to use maketarget (2 minutes…)
  • modelling cool targets in Blender
  • sending them to [email protected]

Of course, even if cool targets from skilled artists are already welcome (fantasy, toons, sci-fi, etc…), better to contact us to ask us what we need (we are looking for help in ethnic characters, and we need them urgently).



great to see the progress. How’s about some 64 bit linux builds. I have tried to setup the build enviroment and it didnt work

Maybe you have compiled the old version?
The actual one is only the trunk, and we have successfully compiled it on Ubuntu 64bit.



Wow! I didn´t think there was any progress any more on MH, but you have been working hard it seems, and listening to criticism. The UI looks a little tacky, I would prefer a less flashy one, but still apparent great progress. Good job!

MH is a great software.

but yes the UI looks very ugly to my taste.

Looks great. Downloading now.


For those of us who haven’t used MH before, what exactly are “targets”? I took a quick look at the site, but didn’t see it there either…

not 100% sure blen but i think they are morphs of bodyparts useing the same faces, such as adding a bump to a nose, making the lips fatter/skinnier all useing the same base mesh without adding or deleting faces so all the math still works. basically just realigning the the verts and edges of the base mesh so you still have the same faces in the same places, just in a different shape.

Correct, that is exactly what it does. Make Target will be used to create various macro and micro details of human anatomy and even fantasy/sci-fi targets can be made. More importantly though is i certainly hope many users help out with the Make Target and add to the Ethnic library. I am even considering participating with creating targets but i just need reference photos for different ethnicitys for various regions around the world. This is a very easy plugin to use and creating targets is very easy. About the UI, too many colors? The overall work flow is great and so easy to use it’s too easy.

Does MH create a Blender usable model with armature?

Well. If you want to help us, we provide you the ethnic references.
About the modelling tasks, what we urgently need is an help to create the ethnic
library. It’s, basically, a collection of ethnic characters, that will
be handled and mixed by MH tools

To have an idea about the work to do, look at this sketch:

These are the most important ethnic groups to do, for Europe, but we have a lot of work about Asia, Africa, America…
Well…we have more interesting and detailed references, but this is just to
render you the idea about the work to do.
For each ethnic group, we must model 6 variations:

  • child male
  • child female
  • young male
  • young female
  • old male
  • old female

In example, take a look at the sudanic group (Africa), already done:

The characters must be modeled starting from the our base mesh, without
altering the topology. So it’s not permitted to add or delete verts:
if this happen, the model is useless, because we can’t use it to make a morphing target.

About the UI.
We have worked hard to have the next generation interface.
It was studied in collaboration with OpenUsability:

I’m afraid the problem is the bad compression on youtube video, that show a red halo on the borders, anyway, the GUI is easy skinnable: all images are png into makehuman/data/images.


not yet. But there is an experimental feature (press Ekey in MH 1.0.0 prealpha) that export 2 separate files: a wavefront obj and a bvh. The bvh is well handled by Blender that import it as skeleton.

Note that new Makehuman is totally python scriptable:

So, as soon they will be more stable, we will encourage the community to write plugins a go go…

This may be a silly question but would i have to model the genders and ages as well. It does not seem that way but just the ethnic modeling only. The references provided are good and i tried finding stuff like this but no luck. The sculpting tools in Blender are easy enough to use and provide good editing for target creation using the plugin so this looks very doable. Now, these are just face references but would i need bodies as well? I would assume so based on the other sudanic reference images provided.

As first thing, you can save a lot of work using these:

so you can morph (using maketarget with a factor = 1) the standard mesh in a neutral male young, neutral female young, neutral male old, neutral femal old, neutral male child and neutral female child. They are a good starting point.

Then we have a lot of references…too much to be posted here. In some cases we have even 3d scans of faces (we are working on a face from photo reconstruction plugin for MH:, but most of the cases are face photos. Anyway for the body there is a very good tutorial here:

Take a look to Human Types pt1, pt2 and pt3. They are really well done.

There are some other things about modellation. In example, we must pay much attention to don’t deform eyes and teeth…this require a bit of workaround if you want to use Blender sculpting tools (I’ve notice it affect hidden verts too), while it’s easy with “traditional” proportional edit mode, that’s the one I prefer.

Well, if you want help us, you must contact me by email, because there are some things to define (in example, the task to do…you don’t know what targets we have already done…).



great work, congratulations, looking foward for an a nice integration with blender, blender’s future looks promising.

I would heavily recommend getting better references…

I went and watched one of those preview videos, very impressive stuff! I’ll give that maketarget a try as soon as I find some extra time, looks like alot of fun.

The references from cedarseed are the best i have seen so far. It’s very well informed illustrated information.

You guys saw this to i would assume as it’s a perfect reference for the upcoming pose engine.


We have a lot of pictures, of course. But the cedarseed work is a good resuming of main ethnic types. Do you know somewhat of better?


Anyway, to avoid confusion:

  • makeHuman is the stand alone GPL’d application to make 3d humans.
  • makeTarget is a tool for Blender, do make new morphings for makeHuman.
    only one video is related to maketarget…the others are about makeHuman :slight_smile:


Yes, he is a skilled artist. There are some errors, but generally speaking it’s a good reference.

Yeah, I kind of got that (I think). I watched one of the videos showing off some of the morph stuff that could be done with makehuman (which is what I was referring to), then I also watched the video showing makeTarget (which I guess is a script that logs changes from the original makehuman mesh?). So if I understand this you want help in making ethnic variations made on this basemesh (which makeTarget then stores) and have us send the resulting makeTarget generated file to you guys? When it comes to the adjustments are you principally looking for changes made to the face?, since from the video it seems you can easily do overall changes to the body (height etc) from within the actual makehuman program, or is this something that should be done in the makeTarget stage aswell? Anyway again very impressed with the work you guys have done, and I’d definitely like to help out.