My first “traditional” art post :stuck_out_tongue: hehe…

So I finally got around to trying Art Rage – what a great little program!
Funniest thing is it performs much faster than my Corel Painter, although I hear the latest Painter is supposed to respond much more quickly.

I call this one “Makeup”:

image link # 1

It started out as a test to see what Art Rage could do, then it started looking interesting, so ten minutes later here you go :slight_smile:

Later I’m going to post this with another version (below) at CGtalk in the Daily Sketch Group area. The current topic there is “color theory” and making one image then doing it in different colors. They specified “black and blue,” so forgive the blueness of the second image:

image link # 2

Notice I haven’t used the color blue dominantly or at all in my last fifty or so renders :slight_smile: I am extremely conscious, among other things, of color selection these days, which is one reason my 3D work takes so long to complete.

Anyway, thanks for looking!


Really nice piece Robertt. Simple strokes, but put to very good use.

I prefer the first one personally. The second version seems to be too “in your face”. The first is warmer and not so forboding.

Thanks for the link to the program too. I may have to try it.


first one is better.

The first one is warmer the second cold(I like both).I also like how the face is kinda hidden. I hope to see more of your traditional work in the future.

Ps"ArtRage is a great program.Thanks for the link :)"

i like the first one

good work as always