MakeWalk: Trouble retargetting bvh

ello everyone this is mine first post on this forum and i really hope that someone will help me.
I made a human model in Blender and i wanted to animate it with using Makewalk Addon and i want to import mine selfmade bvh file into rigified character.
But when i choose Load and Retarget i see information:

Makewalk cannot use this rig becouse it has:
Apply object transformation before using Makewalk.

I have no idea what i am doing wrong, tried to apply location,rotation, scale etc. Still cant do it. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong ? Or could make my human easy to implement .bvh files ?
Is it becouse i had eyes and teeth separate objects and i scaled them ?
I add mine bvh file and mine blend.
Now i pray someone will help,
Thanks for every response.

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Anyone ?