makin a stove

well for my next house hold item i have decided to make a stove, heres where im at so far

tell me what you think :slight_smile:


very nice so far… a bigger render please!

usually stoves are black, this looks like a washer/dryer, but good model btw.

actully the stove i was basing this after was white lol

and i will post a bigger render when the lighting and scene is better :slight_smile:

Nice model,
if he glass in the oven door was transparent that would make it more realistic,
The top peice next to the burners seems to be a bit unused in your model, typicaly there are knobs on that or something, its a bit bare right now.

i didnt want to make it transparent till i put the guts in it, and the top part is gonna be where the timer goes :slight_smile:

Thats defenetly a step in the right direction.