Making 3D views of video devices for online listing


We are looking for someone who might quote us and render our next generation video devices in 3D view for online listing (mostly transparency in background).

Usually we work with PDF of product enclosure and pictures of prototypes and sometime final devices

Please let us know if you have the time and willing to work on such task (or if you know any artist that would be pleased in doing such work)

Thank you.

All the best

this looks intresting !!!
what can you tell us more about the devices ?
do you want just models ? or do you want renders as well !!!

this is my artstation

Thank you for the fast reply: If you can just send me a PM with your email addy i can show you the type of PDF we got (it’s factory enclosure dimension, etc…) and the type of devices we are doing (pictures), and what previous artist did for us (we have to seek another one cause he got a big job opportunity now and he isn’t available for us anymore)

We need models and renders.

Due to the amount of replies we are getting (thanx guys !).

Here is some more details:

  • We need Model/texture/rendering
  • We are looking for photorealistic render
  • We are looking for longterm relationship (not just one time work)
  • We need a confirmed artist who can provide examples of similar work (object rendering)
  • If artist accept Paypal, it’s better for us.
  • We would like to avoid heavy contract and useless paperwork as it have been offered by a few.
  • We are a small team and ultimately we would like the artist we work with to also be able to make suggestions/comment or simply give his opinion about product design and possible improvements.

Please only reply/write to us if you meet nearly all above criterias.
Please DO NOT write to us if you are not yet confirmed artist.

Thank you all !

Hi, I sent you a PM yesterday. Did you received it ?

Probably, if you haven’t got a reply it means that the examples provided didn’t convince us somehow.
If you think i’m wrong, please resend and i’ll double check.

Hi, no problem Chris. As I didn’t know if you had the intention of replying or not to anyone who sent you a message I asked myself if you received it. You’re the only judge for what you’re looking for and if you have time to tell me what’s wrong in what you saw so I can improve myself, I take it :). Thanks.