Making a 2.5D Model

Dear Blender community,

 Recently, a friend and I had come up with a good idea.  I wanted to take a single image and make it 2.5D, in a sense.  And so, I have outlined the image, but I don't have any good ideas to give it depth.  (2.5D is taking an image, and giving it 3D depth.)  I'm having an immense amount of difficulty deciding what to do.  My first idea is to sculpt the model, but this would prove very difficult.  Also, if I were to sculpt, it would be difficult to give the model several perfectly straight vertical and horizontal lines.  If anyone has any insight it is much appreciated.

The model (of which you may recognize, don’t judge.): PEPEPEPE.blend (424 KB)

Thank you all!

 Sincerely, KetoBlend

can you show us some pictures !

happy bl

there are 2 common ways of doing 2.5D
its having multible layers of 2D images, or having a full 3D set fimed from only one perspective.

for refereance, look up Ori and the Blind Forest. they have 3D characteres, but all the accests and everything else is made in photoshop.

another exsample is Trine 2. they have Everything made in 3D, or at least 80%+ made in 3D, but the camera is stuck in one position.

what you want to do depends on what you want to get. look up trailers for those two games, it should give you a good idea.