Making a 3D Platformer-Blender vs Unity

I’ve had a game idea I’ve been dying to make lately and it’s a 3D platformer. I’ve made a small little 2D platformer with Blender before and I really like the way Blender works. But at the same time, I keep seeing other 3D platformers spawn up made with Unity. I’ve tried Unity before, but I really didn’t understand what I was doing. Although I’m sure each engine has their advantages and disadvantages.

So my question is- in terms of a Banjo-Kazooie style 3D platformer, which would be better in term of programming? Which engine would be the least limiting?

I think Unity-but I’m not really sure…:confused:

Hey there. I’d consider Unity (or a different engine) if any of these apply to your situation:
-Working with a team
-Need prefab logic components
-Support mobile platforms
-Worried about BGE getting nuked in 2.8
-Don’t mind working with a buggy/unstable editor

Ok, not all of that is entirely correct.

a) There are actually decent workflows for collaborating on BGE games - they just aren’t well documented.

b) You can technically write prefab logic components. Unfortunately there aren’t many (good) ones available.

c) There’s half-assed android support, but only version 2.63 afaik.

d) Chances are BGE isn’t getting nuked without a suitable replacement. Of course, everyone seems to have a different opinion…

e) Maybe Unity doesn’t crash for everyone. But for me it’s all the frickin time.

Both engines can certainly handle a standard kazooie-esq 3D platformer. Really comes down to whatever you feel more comfortable with.

use blender. this is a blender artists forum. we all think you should use blender. i personally think that you should take your blender vs other-engine post somewhere else

The arguments you gave are pretty clear: Your unity skills are bad, your BGE skills are good, your UE skills are not mentioned … which one to choose? … :evilgrin:

It is your project. You need to decide.

Getting things working in the bge is pretty easy,

choosing a lighting model that scales with your project is essential.

Low performance PC, Decent quality = shadeless textures with baked lighting

Decent pc decent quality with shadows = You need to move lamps around to where you need them, even lamps on hidden layers use resources.

per pixel dynamic lighting is beautiful but tricky to use,

Since you are going for banjocazooie type gfx, download the yo-Franky project

look into splat maps