Making a "4 seasons" greenhouse in blender. Project overview, problems and what I want to achieve

I have a “4 seasons” or “deep winter” greenhouse in Victoria Canada. Unlike traditional greenhouses, these have the north wall insulated, (mine is reflective too to bounce light back to the plants on the shortest days). part of the north facing roof is insulated and these greenhouses are optimized for the short days between September 22 and March 22 . Anyway, the idea is to grow vegetables when they are at their highest price and use minimal energy to do it. I have been working on my greenhouse project for several years and I would like to make animated models to show plants growing in the greenhouse, the sun and shadows over the day and over the seasons etc. I have a youtube channel where I post about this and other projects. I haven’t tried blender in years because my computer was really underpowered and I was intimidated by the interphase but there are so many tutorials now and I have a decently fast computer too. Here is where I am at. I can “make” a glass greenhouse pretty easily by modifying a cube, and either use principled and glass shader or use glass material directly and I get my greenhouse, but it is completely reflective and I cannot see the objects inside! What am I doing wrong? This is my friends greenhouse that I also built on similar principles. The combination of airlift pump and “boar scare” to continuously water plants during the day is my “invention” and also the computer fans to move the air is my idea. I call the watering “soiloponics” and I usually use sandy well draining soil instead of hydroponic media to grow plants in.

That should not be the case for a Cycles render.
But that is normal for an EEVEE render.
Refraction is disabled by default, for EEVEE.

You need to enable Screen Space Reflections in Render Properties.
Then, you need to Refraction in this panel and in Settings panel of glass material.

Thank you Zeauro. I changed to cycles, (didn’t even know I was using Eevee!) and now it is looking more like I want! Maybe, when I am up to speed, I can come back and use Eevee for future work.