Making a Animation ready world... Any tips? :)

Hello People of BAF :slight_smile:
I am back once again. I’ve been a tad out of practice because for a good week or two my hard drive was full.
But with my new Terabyte drive, I am ready to post something and hopefully get right back into things :slight_smile:

I have a project i want to get started on, which is a story i’ve been writting, and i am hoping to make small 5-7 minute animated episodes of the story to upload to youtube.

I’m not going to aim for uber professional on this… But rather, “Guy who seems to know what he’s doing.”
I’ll improve things one at a time : )

So first to start off the many questions i will later have;

  • The story will take place in many small village sized areas plus some plains, mountainy areas, and such.

Would it be best to make each area separately? or make the whole world in one project?
Does anyone have a method for making terrain for animation? (i’m assuming animation terrain isn’t as detailed as terrain pictures)

I guess i’m looking for any tips i can :stuck_out_tongue:

As always I am very grateful of your tips and responses :slight_smile:

With my limited experience I can’t guarantee that my answers will be correct but…

I would like to think, that it’s common sense to make scene per scene… Otherwise you would render the whole world for just one scene, and that would just take a lot more time and it would be harder to change or fix things…

For landscapes such as rocky mountains or just a wobbly road the addon that is included with Blender(That you have to activate manually) called ANT Landscape is a good start!

I think i remember using that plug in one time to make a meteor or some sort of rock because i think it had a sphere option.
I’ll have to try that one out :slight_smile: If i remember right, it would make a plane with a random mountain bit jetting out of it. Which is useful, but perhaps it’s not very customization friendly. I wonder if i can use sculpt mode ontop of that to carve out the land :slight_smile:
Or actually… maybe this is a perfect time to learn that new dynamic sculpt mode that creates definition as it goes.
Then i would have to figure out how to paint it. x:

Maybe what i should do, is create the world in one file. And with that file create a new file for each location the scene would take place in and remove the detail from other villages or cities that isn’t being seen.
And maybe… take some pictures of the buildings from a little ways away and make planes with the image of the city on it and place them in their locations. So if the city is off in the distance, it would look like it’s there but still not take so much time in the render.