making a basic background


I dont know if this has already been posted coz im new to the forum. But i was hope you could tell me how to make a basic background. ive just recently started using blender but i have some exp in other animation programmes. basically i’ve made myself a logo but i want to know how to add a background to it.

What sort of background are you looking to make, specifically? Something you’ll model in 3D? Do you want to use an image for the background? Etc?

well i just reli want a plain background to begin with. preferably black at the moment.

you mean instead of that ugly blue?
go to materials, then world, and there is a big blue box on the left. just to the right, is a tab that says " world" and should have two smaller boxes. Click the one on the left, and all sorts of colours will come up-choose your colour!
try playing around with the “blend” “paper” and “real” buttons as well.

In addition to what tigger said, the Blend, Hori, ZenUp, and ZenDo influence the effect of the blend, paper, and real buttons. See the “Map To” tab, at the far right of the buttons window with the world material button active.

alternatively you could just stick a plain behind it and put an image texure on it if the viewpoint is fixed this makes it easier, just make sure the plains material is set to shadeless, that way you dont get a shadow from the logo or reflection from the lights on the background