Making a bellowing fire?

I’ve never made a fire before, so I tried the tutorial but sadly it doesn’t seem to be updated; IE: some of the instructions don’t seem to jib with what the current version of Blender has… so… I need help =\

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

I’m trying to make a bellowing fire, something realistic, to show serious damage to a starfighter I designed. Of course, in space there is no oxygen but I’m ignoring that fact just for the sake of clarity.

Can… someone please help? :confused:

Check out BlenderArt Magazine issue 16. It has a fire tutorial based on the new particle system and some great node work. You can get the issue here:

Thanks Atom, sadly I can’t seem to Append any of those into my current project, even in a new project, appending any of the object files cause’s Blender to crash. Don’t know why they are crashing blender when I can open up the blender files themselves just fine, it’s just that appending them seems to crash the program.

And thanks DichotomyMatt, I’ll see if that helps me.

Here’s one blend file to test with. Although made with 246, I think it should work with 247 too.


At one time Blender claimed forward and backwards file format compatability. Now, however, Blender can not even load previous versions of Blend files. Quite disappointing.

It can’t?
That’s odd because a Blender file I worked on two versions ago I was able to open up just fine, though I did have to replace the textures since they weren’t in the same directory as the file itself.

The particle system completely changed from 2.45 to 2.46. So particle systems in Blends before 2.46, will likely either not work or need adjusting before they work in 2.46 or higher. I think you get a warning when opening an older blend file now.