Making a bow and arrow only shoot once

I think there may be an easy fix for this, but I can’t find it.:o I am trying to make a simple game wear you shoot a bow and arrow in slow motion toward a target and try to get as close as you can to the bull’s eye. I need the spacebar to only work once because after that the arrow flies hits the target and your points will show up. But right now once you hit spacebar you can keep shooting over and over. Does anyone know how to make spacebar only shoot once? Oh yeah everything is made of cubes (and some triangles).


You could use a property. If the property is True and if you hit spacebar, then shoot and set the property to False.

or maybe a false level triggering on the spacebar sensor.

Use this logic setup. (Nevermind the names, use your own names)

You could just set it to switch state after the arrow is fired.

Thanks guys! I actually solved this in a very unprofessional way. :slight_smile: I made the empty the arrow was firing from have a keyboard sensor along with the firing key that made the empty move far far away. But I will try out these other solutions as well. :slight_smile: