Making a bubble

Hi I was wondering how to apply a bubble-like material to a sphere. I have played with some of the values but I cant seem to get it right

Any ideas?

Check out this tutorial on glass materials, it migth be a good starting off point.

We’ll it took me about 10 mins. but here is my solution I would save me some time if I’d download the blend file to the file but here is how you do it.

Here are the steps:
1.Add UV sphere to the scene.
2. Then add and apply the subsurf modifier.
3. Then stay in object mode and press set smooth.
4. Then go to Add material in the shading buttons.
5. Then set the col- R:1,G:1,B:1 and Alpha .2
6. Click the Ztransp make sure that also that is clicked on the links and pipeline are Radio and Traceable and thats it.
7. Set the transp. to Filt:.3, IOR:1.70, Depth:2, Limit:30.05, Falloff:.1, Fresnel:.7, Fac: 2.92, and Spectra: .398.
8. Now go to Shaders.
9. Keep it to Lambert and change it to .436
10. Change the Spec.shader to Wardiso and change it to Spec.:1.51, and rms.:.286
11. Transluency:0, Ambit:0, SBias:.08, and emit:0.
12.Last but not least on the side there the only side that should be selected is Bias. So that means that shadow, trashodow, and only shadow should not be selected, and because I didn’t know how to make the light stop admitting the shadow turn the rayshadow off.

Now I don’t think I let anything else and here is the rendered image of the bubble.

Now I know what your saying what about color if you want your bubble to be a specific color in a scene you probably don’t have to change it. Change the color and add a little extra falloff.

Sorry this is so long HAPPY BLENDING:cool: :cool: :cool:

Thanks for the information, I just have one more question, how can you make the cool swirls of color like you see in rl, kind of that rainbow effect, with the oily*effect.

if I could get that, I would be extreamely grateful

Have a good day


That kind of iridescence, called “thin film interference” is usually implemented in ray-tracing by shooting extra light rays reflecting from the surface of the material and modifying the color and (slightly) the angle. I’m not sure if Blender or Yafray has a feature for handling it. I know POV does, and I’m sure there are other renderers that do, too.

You might want to have a look at the blender texture disc:
-> soapbuble
-> opalglass1
-> opalglass2

I haven’t tested them yet, but i believe the effects are faked with procedural textrues in this cases.


I am a Blender noob…so I probably don’t know what I am talking about…but you might do it with a texture. Here is a link to a Gimp tutorial I wrote about making soap bubbles in that application. The same methods might find application for creating such a texture.