Making a cane handle

Hi, I know this must be an extremely noob question but I made a simple cane and all I want to do now is make the hooked handle part. Basically, just select the vertices at the top end of the actual cane part and make a semi-circle handle.

I cannot figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

i’m very much a noob too. but i just cut a torus in half.<img src=“”/>

try the ‘spin’ tool. it’s in the edit buttons. basically, go into front view, and click your cursor to where the center of your curved handle part would be, if it went around in a full circle. then select the last edge loop where you want it to be extruded from in edit mode, and press ‘spin’ twice.

I don’t think the torus would work. It wouldn’t be the same size as the existing cane.

I have tried the spin tool but it did not work well. First, it’s a huge spin. I don’t know how to change the radius of the spin. Second, the curve is all messed up. Really weird.

Thanks for the answers though.

The spin function spins the mesh around the 3D cursor, and according to your current viewpoint

A-ha! That’s what I was doing wrong. I think I knew that at one point. Man, it’s always the dumbest things that trip me up.