Making a cave(update 3 11/4/2006 added shadows)

Well I am trying to create a cave with nice lighting.
Here is what I have done so far
Please post your C&CS


Very nice lighting effect. However, I would recommend a higher resolution image. The one you have posted now is good for a thumbnail, but I would like to see bigger size!

Good job on the sun color and specks… and the rocks look okay. Like I said… I can’t tell much from the current size. But good job anyway!

One last thing… it looks like it is about sunset outside. Could you add a view from the cave of either blue or sunset sky or some landmarks? The pure white looks a little fake.


Yes you need a bigger render!!!

Added background picture
Higher resolution

Please post your C&Cs


Now you’ve got the lightning and the basic shapes right :slight_smile: It’s time to get dirty and start detailing it with stones, ropes stonepics, broken woodplanks and stuff like that oh almost forgott :stuck_out_tongue: DYNAMITES :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with focus and maybe add a rail cart and a rail car you know like the one in Indaina Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Make the render a little bigger too plz. It is just nicer.


I agree, it still needs to be bigger, I’d say minimum 640x480, or 800x600 if you can…

The only crit I have at this point is a lack of shadows, which the beams should be casting on the adjacent rock…

Looks good!

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and say, in terms of realism, I like your first render better, because it looks more real. The truth is, if you were really in a darkened cave, looking out, the sky would be too bright to see, and would especially be over-exposed to a camera. The second render looks to me like an idealization, something only a computer could produce, not the way a human would actually see it. But you can go either way with it. I want to compliment you very highly on your rock and beam renderings. Truly fine work. Excellent texturing. You should definitely stay with it! Best of luck. :smiley:

you might want to play around more with the wooden things material(blanks?, just woke up kinda tired to think)


Changed Camera position
Changed wood texture
Added dynamites,a box ,stones and stonepics
Render @ 640*480
Please post your C&Cs


er, i don’t think anything could be noticed at that res…why r u not rendering at a higher res???

Cause it takes 13 minutes to render.

However here is a render @ 800*600
Please post your c&cs


nice image.
Kind of sun light in the image would cast some sharp long shadows,
which means though an even greater render time.

Update 3
Tried to add shadows
Please post your C&Cs


Well you did not get much shadows there,
but the render looks cool anyways.

Hey man,

You’ve got some really nice lighting there, good job on that.

Any chance we could see a wire of the scene?


Great mood. The wooden beam on the left looks a bit too perfect, mostly the line between the lit and non-lit part.

Is there something else I should add ?

Update 4
Made shadows softer

please post your c&cs

just a little detail missing. There should be some little pebbles and dirt piled a little against the bottom of beam. it looks like someone got a broom and swept the area the beam connect to the floor. There are also no evidence of the typical wear and tear on the floor that could have been made by the bean being put in. also sinec there r pickaxes there should something like a long verticle scratch mark that r usually made by pickaxes.