Making a Chain

Not sure how difficult this is, but…

How do I model a chain? I dont suppose an indiviual link would be all that hard, but moving the chain as a whole would be a different issue. How would I keep the links from passing in and out of one another?


Yes the modeling part would be easy . Just make your link and you could dupliframe them or use the array modifier and adjust the offsets and change the axis (90 degrees) every other link along the length .
As far as moving them without the links clipping - you could set up a rig which would be very tedious but give you optimal control or if you dupliframed them along a curve/path you could just use that to move it or you could keep each link as seperate objects turn on the game logic and use the rigid body dynamics … it all depends on what you want to do with it .

Ok! but I will like to know how can I get the firts link done.

PG1 said —> Ok! but I will like to know how can I get the first link done. —

Well, I suppose there are many ways to make the first link, but here’s what I was thinking.

1 - Draw a bezier circle, and give it a name, like “profile”.
2 - Draw a second bezier circle, and then bend it into the shape of a link.
3 - Extrude the first bezier circle (i.e. “profile”) along the second elongated circle by using the “bevel object” option on object mode.
4 - Duplicate the resulting link, rotate it 90 degrees (rotation along a specific axis will depend upon how you set things up, but you know how chain links are perpendicular already), and then grab and move the second link. You should now have two links.

Following this general formula - they should look like this.

I’ll add more to this when I figure out how to do the full chain with rigid dynamics, etc…

Further info on how to model like this can be accessed in these tutorials:

In this directory:

The following videos may help:,BevOb.wmv

You may want watch them all though.

Also, in this directory:

View the “Extruding Along A Path” video:

You can see how you would begin to form the meshes for the first link.

I’m not sure about dupliverts or the rigid body dynamics, but I’ll check them out.

Well, if anyone’s still following this thread, I got the dupliverts to work:

The chains still not flexible, but looks like a chain at least. :slight_smile:

Hey! I was fallowing your tips here, and look at my progress - now the next thing is you will like to give this a form :rolleyes:


Good job, PG1! :slight_smile: Am glad my question/comments helped.

And thanks to VP for his dupliverts recommendation. That’s an easy to use (and very awesome) feature.


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