Making a Chainsaw Animation

Alright so I’m trying to make a chainsaw animation and here’s the idea I came up with.

I made a cylindrical shape from Bezier Nurbs Circle.

My object is a Chainsaw with multiple teeth, but it just haves about 10 or 7 instead of multiple tiny teeth.

So I managed to get one object to go around while following the Bezier Path animation.

But I’m not sure how to do the others. I’m trying to make duplicates of the same path and and make each of them parents of my other razor objects separately.

But when I did that, I noticed I cant change the starting point or end point of the Bezier Circle.

Is there any way I can do that?

I’m no expert but, I think if you put an array modifier on the chainsaw tooth then it might just wrap around the path as you increase the number. Sorry if this didn’t help :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some Tank Track Tutorials here…

The basic process is the same for a chainsaw blade or a bicycle chain… motor cycle chain… etc…

Basically Create and object… (the tooth of the chain saw in your case)
Create a Curve… Bezier Circle for the tooth to follow along
add an Array modifier to the tooth that gives you mulitpule copies of the tooth along a particular axis…
then add a ‘Curve’ modifier using the Bezier Circle as the target object…
Then animate the ‘tooth’ object along the same axis your using in the curve modifier…

Shit! Srry I didn’t reply in a while! My internet went a little crazy. But that’s good cause I kind of found my own method lol.

I just gave each piece a keyframe that rotates all the way around from it’s start to it’s near end point

But thanks for the replies i’ll actually look into those so I can learn a lot more.

Thank you guys!