Making a circle follow a curve

I have been using Blender from a very long time. But have not been able to resolve this issue.

I have 1 circle and 1 curve

I ensured that the circle’s centre is at the end point of the curve

But when I choose Array + Curve modifier, the array of circles are not following the path of the curve at that place. the array of circles shift away from the initial location.

Why does this happen?

Experiment with the axis selected in the Curve modifier’s settings. There is probably a rational explanation for it, but in my experience, if you ensure the curve and the mesh objects (on which to apply the modifier) have the same position, no relative rotation/scale, then the axis selected should be the one you want to have along the curve.

However it’s much more convenient to experiment with all the six options.


circlesaroundacurve.blend (446 KB)

That’s because Curve treats an Array as a single object and recalculates its pivot at a median point. To avoid this, you should place the circle at your curve’s median, not its end.

That’s interesting. You answered it. I checked and it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

In continuation, I have one more question. I have 1 curve circle and 1 curve. Both are curve and not mesh.

Now I use the circle as a bevel object in curve option of the second curve.

Immediately a pipe shape is created but the issue is that the cross-section of this pipe has a diameter more than that of the bevel object, which is circle. Why?

A curve’s bevel diameter is defined by a product of bevel object’s dimensions and its points’ mean radii (which are scaled up and down with the curve, but cannot be preserved in Object Mode). The scale of these radii can be set in Edit Mode, under Transform section of Properties panel. First apply transform to the curve in Object Mode, then go to Edit, select all points of your curve and set Mean Radius back to 1. To avoid scaling the points’ radii, the curve should be scaled only in Edit Mode.
Another solution would be to create a Path Taper Object for the curve. The Path should be offset from its pivot point by the required radius value. It overrides the points’ radii and allows to change the pipe’s diameter on the fly.