Making a cookie-cutter effect in Blender?!!!!

You might not understand the question but I need to create a bowling ball and when I saw tutorials for 3ds Max, it was formed by inserting 3 cylineders into a sphere and poof! the cylinders disapperas leaving 3 holes ressembling a bowling ball. Anything like that for Blender

Yes and no. Blender has a Boolean tool, but it makes a lot of triangles. This may be ok for what you want to do. There are also other methods, like using retopo.

I think Blender is lacking somewhat in it’s mesh tools, HOWEVER, I believe the mesh tools (and maybe nurbs) will be greatly improved with Blender 2.5.

Did the tutorial use nurbs or polygons?

i would try it with boolean operator and see what happen!

and if it does work there is a script embedded in blender to do cooke cutter job

but not doing a great job

otherwise you can try the retopo tools and manually cut your mesh edge by edge!

good luck Salutations

It might be worth checking out this tutorial on cutting holes in meshes.

Thanks, Atom. That turotial really helped but is there any alternative to the “to sphere” button in the Mesh Tools like a To Cuboid or To cube to turn an edge loop into a square. (actually to be specific, I need to make it a octagon)

P.S I just started during the summer to try and beat a friend who works on Maya on a small friendy contest we have, so please try and not big looong word