Making a crystal wine glass

I’m working on a scene that’s supposed to have a crystal wine glass. How would I go about making the design on the crystal? I’ve been trying different sculpting tools, but I haven’t been getting what I want out of it. How would you model it?

A lot of how to answer that question probably depends on the pattern. If it’s a complex one, though, while doable, might be a challenge.

An image of the pattern or a reference of glass that has the types of details you want might help answer this question. If it’s a repeating pattern, the trick would be to figure out where it repeats and how to spin it once you have a section of it complete.

There was a guy on the dupport section somewhere recently that had modelled some snow flakes. I think the hread was called something like ‘how much are my models worth’. The design he used on thosecould be just the sort of thing you are looking for.


It depends on what type of render you are looking for. If you want to make a image like this, you will need to model it. But then with mirror modifier you only need to make quarter of wine glass.