Making a curve "homogeneous"

Hello everybody,

Sorry for the not so clear description of the thread.

What I would like to ask you is how to make the “density” of the “arrows” along a curve homogeneous (same number of arrows in the same length of the path).
The real problem is this:
In this first image I took a Circle curve and I moved away one of the 4 control points to have an oval shape. As you can see, where I stretched the curve, the density of arrows is reduced.

When I convert it to mesh (options -> convert to -> mesh from curve), the density of points used to model the mesh are proportional to the density of arrows in the original curve. You can see it in this second screenshot.

I wish to be able to modify any curve, and after it I would like to “reset” the density of the arrows so that the mesh that I will obtain from it would look homogeneous. This operation will also help me to make constant the speed over a trajectory, that is modeled in the same way…

Thank you very much in advance for your help. I tried to look for help in the web, but being unable to properly identify the “arrows” and “density” it wasn’t that easy…

In File -> User Preferences -> Addons , in the “Mesh” category, enable the Loop Tools addon.

Convert your curve to a mesh, then in the Edit Mode, it will add a few more button in the panel to the left (scroll down to see them).

One of those button is “Space” that usefullness is that it will evenly distribute the selected vertices, so select all those vertices and press this “Space” button.

Once the vertices are evenly distributed, you can in Object mode convert back this mesh into a curve if you need it.

Thank you Sanctuary,

I tried, and it does the job, the biggest part of my problem (99%) has been solved.

What I get is slightly different with respect to what I need: I can finally have an homogeneous curve when I convert it back from mesh, but such curve is now not editable in the classic way (I mean: each point with vertex + 2 control points, “bezier” style). And more: if I delete one of the many points, the gap it leaves is fit with a straight segment, reducing the usefulness of the Curve.

By the way, I got to know an interesting tool, thanks to your post!

With the curve in edit mode, go to the tools panel (left side of screen) and click on Set Spline Type and then select Bezier.

That’s good! With this information, I think that my job is done. I will convert every single point, selecting them all together and changing the Spline Type.

Thank you AlanK!