Making a dome from a flat grid of vertices

I’ve added a plane with an even matrix of vertices. I would like to form this grid plane into a dome-like shape, but precisely, without using proportional editing. Is there a way to do this (and to be able to control the dome characteristics before confirming?). I tried “To Sphere” but I don’t achieve the required results…



Yes, there are multiple ways you can do this. First you could create an all quad sphere buy creating a cube adding a subdivision modifier to it and adding then cast modifier with to sphere selected and value cranked to one. Now you can simply snap that grid to that sphere with shrinkwrap modifier assigned to the plane.

Second method would be to use hook modifier with an empty assigned to it. I’m not gonna go into detail into explaining how to set up this scene because there’s already plentiful of videos on youtube about it.

These methods allow you to control the dome characteristics before confirming.

Quad Grid Sphereized + Sphere + Shrinkwrap=