Making a 'Dwarfalizer' - morphing meshes with armatures

I don’t even know if this is possible but here goes:-

I’ve got a large of meshes for regular humans for the game Neverwinter Nights 2, outfits and what have you. What I really need is an automatic way of converting them to the proportions of a dwarf.

I’ve got the human and dwarf armatures which convey the changes in proportion pretty well. Is it possible for me take the rigged human mesh and somehow morph it’s armature to the dwarf one, deforming the mesh accordingly? That would be a good start.

Any other ideas?

Standard way doesn’t work?
What I would do if I were you try to:
1.Make a human model with armature.
2.with IPO drivers make changes of an armature and mesh too (maybe they should be disconnected in the morphing time)

-but I think that you must sculpt the dwarf from the mesh of human, they must have constant topology and the same for the rig, you can only adjust the position, rotation and scale od the same rig like human…

…I don’t know if it is possible too, maybe I am just only blobing here like mad…:slight_smile:
hope that helps