Making a face with FKey

Create a 32x32 UVSphere, select 4 vertices that make up a face an delete face. With the 4 vertices still selected, press F to create face again. Now, in subsurf mode, you will find that the new face seems to be make up of multiple squares and looks different than other faces. :frowning:

By the way, how can I cut a square into 2? By using the knife cut tool, it gives me more edges than I want.

From your pics it seems your 2 questions are related. Blender works with 3 or 4 sided polygons. More than that is a n’gon and unsuported. When you cut thru (subdivide) a face (not a square) the 2 faces on opposite sides of the subdivision now have 5 sides, so blender triangulates them.

I tried to repeat your UV sphere problem in subsurf but could not. The subsurf mesh is a virtual mesh that hangs (by the weight of the vertices) inside the object mesh. Until you make the subsurf mesh real none of those little faces have verts.

Not an answer to your q I know but hope you can work it out from there.


Hello ninebirds,

Here is a possible solution to your problem. From the screenshots that you posted, it appears that the sphere which you have created has smooth shading turned on (“Set Smooth” in edit buttons (F9)). When you create the new face, it defaults to flat shading (“Set Solid” in edit buttons (F9)). After creating the new face, while the four vertices that make up the face are still selected, hit “Set Smooth”. If my guess is correct, this should solve your problem.

I hope this helps,

It may just be a display glitch that sometiems happens with subsurfs if the normals aren’t pointing outwards. Select all your vertices and use Mesh -> Normals -> recalculate outside (Ctrl N), and see how that goes.

woohoo! for once i get to reply with a valid response :slight_smile:

Anyway, first off, when this happens, click "set solid " to set it back to solid, and unselect subsurf. then somply hit ‘set smooth’ and subsurf again and it will re-calc everything. happens for me all the time…

now if i can just figure out how to model worth a damn :smiley:

Thanx a million, problem solved.