Making a face

I have traced the outline of Australia but cannot make it into a face, I can make lots of little faces but I would like to make one face. Any suggestions please.


Oz.blend (595 KB)

In blender faces can only be made from 3 or 4 vertices, no more. If you fill it in with many faces you can then select them all and use F / create Fgon. This will make it look like there is just one face but in reality it is still made of many faces.

Thanks Richard, looks like there is no easy way to make Australia whole.

you can use (I think it’s) ALT-F to fill it in really easily, however, it will give you some pretty ugly results.

I don’t think there is an easy way to make Australia whole - mainly because we broke Tasmania off the mainland and kicked it out to sea. I don’t think it is coming back any time soon.

if you use a closed curve (and not a mesh) it may achieve what you are after.