making a field of clovers

im trying to make a field of 3 leaf clovers and have 1 four leaf stand out
but other than having to duplicate each single one and rotating them on my own

i dont know how to have whole bunch of 3 leaf clovers and have them have their own rotations and stuff

i know i can use duplivert but the problem with that is that it has all of the clovers facing one way and they all move along with each other instead of on their own

thnx in advance!:eyebrowlift2:

can use dupliverts, make real, then use the randomize script set to rotation.
the script is in objects->ramdomize loc size rot from the scripts window.

how do i make real?
nvm i figured it out~

Shft-Ctrl-A or Object >> Clear/Apply >> Make Dups Real.