Making a First Person Shooter from start to finish.

I’ve noticed on the forums that when people approach the game engine wanting to create a game, its usually either an online RPG, or a generic First person shooter, taking on these projects can be difficult without guides, resources and help, which is why I’m making a tutorial series. the tutorial will cover making a first person shooter with enemies, menus, and simple controls, all of which can be done with little to no knowledge of python.

Ill be updating the post when i can.


Episode 1: Modelling a low poly weapon.

Episode 2: Texturing a low poly weapon.

Episode 3: Arms, Motion, and Shooting.

Episde 4: Sounds, HUD, and Ammo.

Episode 5: Animation, Game environments, Low poly game assets.

Episode 6: Dynamic Buildings, Doors.

Episode 7: Ammo Box, Mist, Sky

Episode 8: Enemies Part 1

Episode 8: Enemies Part 2

Episode 9: Fixing bugs, health packs

If you have requests please let me know!

I just registered today and came across your thread. This seems very helpful. Thanks a lot!
I am overwhelmed by the kind of resources available here and by how helpful everybody is.

I whould love to see a ladder climbing solution

Thank you! i actually only joined the site a couple weeks ago and im agree everyone is so helpful! Thats why i thought i would make this and give back to everyone!

For sure! I know exactly how to do that so ill get on it :smiley:

Find the playlist here:

Episode 5 is now out! Sorry for the delay.

Going on vacation, I’ll be back on the 22nd, new episode will be up in that week :smiley:

New episode is up! next episode is on enemies!

how can i view this private video?

Same for me

How can I register ?

Yes, I was going to take a look, seeing as how I’m working on a 1st person shooter right now, but the whole list is private.
Is it available through your website or something?

I bet it would be a valuable resource for people wanting to know more about the BGE.

Just noticed the thread was started in July 2013, maybe the videos are out of date. :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that smoking_mirror is correct. A while ago thelaurent released a tutorial about how to shoot with rays or the proper way of shooting. Maybe he felt these (videos) were inaccurate teaching methods or wasn’t pleased with the quality of the recording and decided to delete them.

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why movies are privet

save load tutorial plsss

Thanks for the post, mate! Appreciate this :slight_smile:

How about blending two animations on different animation layers seamlessly.

Don’t expect an answer here anytime soon, user is gone for almost a year now (dec 2016)