making a flat label/image always face the camera

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while, and I keep getting false positives on Gogle.
I want textual labels that are always shown, in all views, the same height above a specified object, and always facing the camera. The label would be used to display things such as player name, health, etcetera, and would need to change during game play (I should be able to figure this out on my own though :wink: ).

If you want to be able to change it, you shouldn’t use Halo faces, but a track-to-camera actuator. Try switching the 3d button, put your camera’s name (usually just Camera with the first letter in CAPS), and see what convinces you.

Thanks, that’s pretty close to what I want, but I don’t want it to diminish in size as it gets further away from the camera, and I want it to stay in a fixed position relative to the specified object (but NOT rotate). I’ve seen this in multi-player games such as Worms3D, where the players all look the same. And the track-to-camera actuator won’t work for my game, because there will be multiple viewports active simultaneously (split-screen multi-player game).

Parent the health bar object to the camera by first selecting the health bar, then selecting the camera at the same time and pressing CTRL + P and select make parent.

You could probably use Python to get the active camera and use that in the track to actuator. Also, you should probably focus your efforts first into the multiplayer as it will be a much more difficult task :wink:

I think maybe I wasn’t clear about how I want my game to behave. There will be multiple viewports (split-screen), each with its own HUD, and all the other players labelled with text above them in the view (i.e. each player can tell which players he can by a label in his view).

So I have two problems:
(1) I need each player’s HUD to be visible only to his viewport.
(2) I need each player’s viewport to show a label above each player in sight.

(BTW I am a programmer, so I’m not intimidated by Python. I’m just new to blender.)