making a flat plane always face the camera

So I was thinking of using a flat plane with a sequence image to do some of the basic effects in an animation I’m working on. Is there a way to make a plane always face the camera?

Halos. They are fussy - The flame in this older tut is a halo. Copy that setup.

add a constaint track to !

happy 2.5

In 2.49. Select Your Camera, shift select your Plane, then press ‘Control T’, ‘Old Track’. Now just select the Camera and press ‘Alt R’
to clear rotation. With camera still selected, you can press ‘Orthographic’ in Editing (F9). Press ‘N’ for ‘Transform Properties’, and use
0.00 for your X and Y location. Sorry, never used 2.5!.

From a previous post of mine…

“…If you just want to track your object without the empty thing, select your camera and then shift-select the object you want to track and hit Ctrl-T and choose track to constraint, this will add an auto track modifer in the constraint panel, but you shouldn’t have to touch it since it will generally follow whatever you assign it to. It’s painless really…” Although you would do this in the opposite order since you’re wanting the object to track the camera. This is for 2.5x

Put the Plane in front of the camera and see it through camera. When you find that is OK now, Select Plane, Shift Select Camera
Press Control+P Make Parent OK

Of course that would work too, if you want the camera and the plane to move with one another and your not goign to want to move in and out while leaving the plane behind, but still facing the camera.