making a flat surface round

I was making an old time round shield. It is kind of the shape of a contact and I wanted to make a symbol on the front. If I had a flat symbol how could I make it contour to the shape of the shield? now the symbol is not done but I just wanted you to see how the sheild looked.


make the basic pattern in a flat sheet, then use the ‘retopo’ feature in the CVS to stencil the shape over-top, then extrude the surfaces, moving them outward with the shrink/fatten tool.

Okay, I really didn’t understand very much of that. You must be aware that I have only been blending for about a month now. could you explain that in noobish talk for me?

ok, you have (as I see it) two options:

  1. texture it on using an image, heres how:
    ____a) create an image (in pain if you have to) with your triangle
    ____b) go to the view thats facing the shield
    ____c) hit ‘f’ and then hid ‘u’, then “project from view 1/1”
    ____d) go to the uv/image editor in blender.
    ____e) go image>>open, and open you triangle image
    ____f) hit ‘a’ to select all the verts of the shield (in the uv window)
    ____g) scale and move until your triangle lines up correctly
    ____h) go to the materials window (the sphere tab), and add a new material
    ____i) turn on ‘texface’ then render.

or, you may be able to subdivide the triangle, then use the ‘to sphere’ option in the editing window.

I would…

-Grab the outline of the triangle, and dupe it. (ALT+RMB, SHIFT+D)
-Join it with the shield. (CTRL+J)
-Put it in front of the place where you want it. (G)
-Grab the vertices on the shield and match the vertices on the triangle.

But I’d go with the texture, hahaha!

Do you mean in “Paint” or do you mean with your left ankle behind your right ear (in pain!)

If possible, use a real image program like Photoshop or its open-source cousin Gimp. Create your emblem in a format that keeps a transparent background (I prefer PNG myself).

Take some time to read about UV mapping. This is what you will need if you want to accurately place the emblem.

Here’s some links:
The Gimp (Open source graphics program)
UV Map Basics
Another UV tutorial

Post questions in the support forum please. Also, there are online docs and the search function here.