Making a forest with relief!! Need help! noob doubt

I am doing a forest for the entry of a new game i am doing. i am still a noob so this game will be for me to train a bit. I want the forest to have a little road of dirt… and maybe a river with a bridge. I know there is a tool to make landscape. i am aware of the texture tool but there is another whick allows me to make my own landscape… can you help me?

HELP PLEASE!! thanks for all your concerns and helpful posts you have already given!

For the people which didn’t understand my doubt, Please put here all the tools you can remember which allow me to make landscape such as: rivers, seas, mountains. i know there are just can’t remember. Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: I AM AWARE OF THE TEXTURE AND THE NOISE!! but i mean sculpting myself the terrain instead of random! how can i sculpt the terrain?? to make it not to be plane but with mountains and river road sides and so on… !!

Your referring to one specific tool in blender that makes rivers seas and mountains? Typically making a landscape takes a combination of many different tools! Do you mean some kind of plugin? Also, I’ve never heard of a texture tool. typically one starts with a subdivided plane and sculpts it into some kind of terrain. I think you should further clarify what your looking for though.

Oh. You want to polygon model terrain, hah. There are about ten trillion ways you could create the scene you want to create. You can start by making a plane, subdivide it some, then put a subsurf modifier on it to make it smooth. Then you have a low poly mesh to deform by simply pushing and pulling verts. Or you could use the sculpting tools (by changing to sculpt mode) and deform your terrain that way. Perhaps take the standard brush and begin sculpting some gentle hills, and a ditch for the river.