Making a free-falling chain


I have managed to model a chain but I am interested in making it dangle like it would on a flail (in the GE idealy). Any ideas?

Of course it’s important that the links don’t clip each other.

you’re going for too much detail. A chain is one of the tests that people test physics engines with, and with any reasonable amount of detail [or any reasonably not tiny timestep] the chain will come apart.

That and doing collision detection on triangle meshes is SLOW [and almost always buggy].

if the chain will not be the ONLY thing shown, you’re much better off finding a workaround that looks reasonable.

Ok, I figured that would be the case. Any ideas for a decent work around?

are the links one big mesh or differnt meshes put together?

however, I’m not sure if you can animate the path moving and have the chain pieces foloow corect

Well this problem seems to be too hard, especially to implement in the GE. So unless I want a static flail, I’ll just stick to a mace. Thanks for the advice anyway.