Making a game: got tips?

What I to start off with a often used phrase by first time game makers.

I wanna make a game that is going to be the bee’s knees, with over 80, billion parriets per inch, rivaling portal/Half-life/Team Fortress 2 and surpassing them. I will make it! I want a forty man team that works around the clock, all for the free of course.

I will make this game, I will have this done in a week.

This often is followed by an offline comment; I quit.

Now I am no different, wanting to create something that is the “bee’s knees” and based upon a lot of my favorite games; I admit that, but I want to do something different; take it slow, and put a little effort into this.

The idea is simple, a fast but simple game that I get to learn how to create a full 3D game that is kind of modeled (no pun intended) after my favorite Dreamcast/Playstation 2 games.

The type of game I want to start with? A simple, menu driven JRPG with window messages, sort of like the PS1 Final fantasy games (only not as long or that complex of story).

I was wondering what kind of tutorials that I need for the menus and whatever tips you gots got for simple games.

P.S. I have been playing around with GB’s basics for a while now so I got something of a grasp on the logic blocks.

Start out by re-making this game: