Making a game in Blender for my senior project, ideas?

I’ve decided to make a game for my senior project, I’ve been using Blender for about 3/4 of a year or so, but not much of the GE. I’ve thought of a few things, and I’m not going to make a complicated, diverse game or anything, just needs to take at least over 15 hours(sure that’s no prob) and I’ve got like 3 months.
I don’t know much about python and scripting, and would like to avoid it in this situation as much as possible. So, you guys got any ideas for a game that would be good for me to make?

You’re best using Python for anything close to an FPS. Platformers are more popular, but it might be a nice idea to do a simple driving game or boat raft… a game designed for limited interaction, but HQ graphics. TURBOSQUID and CGTEXTURES are good websites

I don’t think you need to know python for a FPS, I made one a little while back using only logic bricks, but python would have made it better.
I make lots of small games (1 day to one week projects) and found that on of the easiest things to do is to set the gravity to zero and make a game where you do mazes in a space ship through tunnels. This is easy as you don’t need to know shooting, python, or any particularly complex methods.

Start simple. Create a pong or breakout game. Even tower of Hanoi would do it.

This seems not to require that much logic, but forces you to touch every aspect of a game:

  • modelling, textures, sounds, animation, interaction, self running logic, GUI, overlay scenes, save/load etc.

something along the lines of city defender or astoroid might not be a bad idea either, since the player would not have to move much or at all.

Thanx for the advice, I think I’ll prob go with a platformer. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions in the near future (: