Making A Game More Realistic

Hey everyone, this is kind of a stupid question, but my friends and I have been working on an FPS for about 8 months, but the graphics ar kind of noobish. Is there any easy way to make it look more realistic. I really like what one person did with the game UNWANTED, just search on youtube. Any help would be appreciated.

1.Go for GLSL.
2. learn lightings
3. Use shadow maps , ambient occlusions and Normal maps as desired.
4. use real texture rather than hand painted to get more realism. However real image file must be modified using some paint tool to give added realism.
5. work on a model until you are satisfied. Remember that a single models you see in Super Graphic game take weeks to design. so spent some time on each model.

Practice, observe improve that you need to follow , there is no single tutorial that you can follow to learn realism, instead you need to go through many of the tutorial.

For most of the beginner i have told a lot that they do not want to listen, but its hard to really hard to achieve perfection.
But once you achive it it becomes easier.

I guess this is the best speech anyone can give LOLZ

High poly models will make your game realistic, but it can severely lag blender. Becoming a master of lighting and shadows will create a realistic environment also. Since it’s a FPS make sure when you shoot something like a wall it leaves a bullet hole, and when you shoot a window it shatters. Also smoke when you blow something up. These things are all realistic.

Baking your own textures is an amazing trick I just learned how to use fully - set your materials up as though for a Blender Render, then go to the render tab, using a “smart projection” UV layer, bake a “full render”… these turn out amazing, make editing much easier, and give awesome results, IE, the texture detail of a normal map without having to apply it, you can bake shadow maps, etc as well… be clever with materials; baking shadow maps and setting to shadeless saves so much overhead, especially if you do this for almost all your objects, and use vertex paint to achieve a varied affect, this can really bring a wall to life if there’s another layer of colour to it…

EDIT: and download GIMP and do some post-pr on textures, it can really help, whether it be the “make seamless” button, or altering the colour curves for a nicer look…

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I’m modelling a real urban scene (Ethiopia) i achived to create 1km street with bridges and stuff with 960 poly count. How low should it be ? How Bad will lighting & shadows slow the Game? …

With my dubious graphic and texturing skills I’d go for plain white or grey boxes for buildings, streets, bridges etc. Surreal but elegant. Maybe with baked shadows and baked ambient occlusion when I get around to learning that. Like you see on TV ads. Grey and white, little bit of red. For an interesting contrast have a few plot critical objects that are photorealistically textured.