Making a Game need help

Hello all

I’m making a game for blender.

It’s a fighting game that is similar to everquest in that is it’s going to be an MMO, but it’s not going to be everquest at all, or even resemble it. By similar I mean it’s going to be like all the other mmo’s but different.

Different in combat
different in storyline
different in gameplay
different in everything

all that is going to be the same is it will be a MMO like all the other games out there.

This project is for fun. If you agree to help you will get credit for you’re work, in that I mean you will be listed for helping in the game credits once the game is complete. There is no pay. However, if the game completes and we do sell it, the profits would be split amongst everyone. Right now it’s a game for people to just experiment and create what they want. There is no boundaries in the game. If you do decide to help out you can contact me at [email protected] . This is my first game that I am creating and this like I said is just for fun.

Right now i’m modeling armour, as well as weapons for the game.

What I need is help with other things

if there are people who do these things and would like to help

just email me saying you are one of these

C# programmers
concept artists

Thank you.

I would like to mention that I think I posted this in the wrong forum. I’m using a different engine to create the game, but using blender for the animations and modeling.

you should post some things you´ve made… so people actually can see what you are capable of.

and try to make more sense in your postings

“It’s a fighting game that is similar to everquest”
“it’s not going to be everquest at all”

“I mean it’s going to be like all the other mmo’s but different.”

Actually i didnt understand a thing about the game.

Maybe you should post some story line… some artwork… or something… like that is hard to get someone to help you.

I think you should tell us what kind of fighting like Def jam series, like runescape turn fighting, or just medieval combat with weapons. i have made a fighting game and burnsblender programmed it. it is a demo for blender 2.49

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen the words: ‘Making a game, need help’ in these forums… Have you read the sticky about starting a game project?

Anyway, that’s my rant over. Basically, you’ve got to ask yourself, ‘Is this doable, and if so, how long will it take?’ You’ve got to put together a reasonable plan - look at how much time you think you can do it in, then double it. Also, bear in mind that you’re going to have to do most of the project yourself. The mistake I made when starting my first project was that I posted on the forum before I had started any work, and I expected people to work hard on it. That meant I had nothing to show for myself, and everyone just thought I was a ‘noob’ (which, to be fair, I was). Also, set out clear guidelines for your game and plan out exactly what you want - this way you’re aiming towards something, not just making something aimlessly with no purpose. You have to think of how to make your game stand out, especially if you at want to post it on these forums as a finished game.

But I’m going to end on a higher note. If you’re really determined, it dosen’t matter how long it takes, but if you never give up, you will finish your game.

Now, if you’re a really sensitive person, I’m really sorry. I’m trying to help you, not get you down. But I got basically this same message when I started my first game and, it did effect me, but it just made me work harder, to prove all the Blender ‘pros’ wrong in that I could do it - I could make a high-quality game. So you go and prove me wrong and make a great game.

Yeah I knew from the start that I am going to have to work on the game myself. People do not work for free and I agree with that.

For some reason my pictures don’t work and I cannot upload them. If you have an email and are interested in viewing the idea of the characters then I will send them to you.

The game is a free far all. I don’t want to explain to much of it because the game is “secret”, at least to me. I don’t want other stealing my ideas and using it for there games. That is what I meant by it’s going to be similar to x game, but is not.

Hopefully you can see a black-robot I did. it looks a lot better textured. I used the basic shapes provided by blender for the robot, but now i’m doing more subdivided shapes.


blackrobot.blend (838 KB)

These are two of the characters I am making to give you a basic idea of the game


So basically it’s just going to be badass characters fighting each other. Epic quests. An obviously, and hopefully a pvp system.


Need individual armour peaces. I have concluded that one person cannot finish a project. What I want to accomplish is to finish one level of the game.

The first order of things is that I need all the armour finished.

arms 20 peaces, legs 20 peaces, chest armour 20 peaces, feet 20 blender peaces, face armour 20 peaces.

I also need 5 weapons:

All for one, or two characters.

I will provide the concept/ look of the armour in 2 days through email…so you can blend it to look like how I drew it. For you’re effort and time i’m willing to work something out.

I got $ 2 dollars that I will send through the mail. I don’t have paypal.

I also have a PC. Everything works on it except you can’t put in disks… Mouse + keyboard included. If I don’t have the computer avaliable, i’ll give send a dvd player.

email me if you are serious, and send examples of you’re work and we will decide if this project is right for you and you want to calloberate.