Making a grid, need help...

Doing some compositing with real photos and blender models. I’m putting a shadow only plane underneath the objects, was wondering, if I could turn the plane into a grid, on and off, to make sure it’s matching the photo perspective, thanks.

Press z to change to wireframe mode in the 3d viewport. (but this will make all other objects wireframe also) So, you will probably want to select the plane, then go to the Object (F7) panel and in the Draw tab, select Wire. This will make only your plane show wireframe.

For a render, disable OnlyShad and then enable Wire (its in the Links and Pipeline tab in the Materials panel).

If you want the plane to have multiple lines (a grid of more than one square) you have to replace the plane mesh with a grid.

hmmm, how do I replace the plane mesh with a grid? Sorry, extreme newb…

Sorry about that. Press the space bar and in the menu that comes up go to Add > Mesh > Grid. Then it asks you how many grid lines you want, then hit OK. Use the grid instead of the plane (delete the plane and size the grid and place it like you had the plane, then apply the same material to the grid). The grid will work just as well for a shadow only plane so you shouldn’t need to switch between a plane and grid mesh. Does this help?

Well, I made a grid, but it never asked me how many lines I wanted, just the x and y size. Using 2.49

Or you could subdivide the plane (W-Subdivide).

I tried that, but when I rotated the plane, the subdivisions didn’t really change perspectives, weird…

When you add a grid mesh, it asks for X res and Y res, not size. The numbers you put in are the number of lines you want in the grid. If you put in different numbers for the x and y, you will get a nonsquare grid, but otherwise it does not affect the size.

Do you want to see the grid in a render or in the 3d viewport?

Is your plane lined up with the grid floor that automatically shows in the 3d viewport? If so, then why can’t you use the grid floor to view perspective?

all is well, thanks for the help!