Making a GUI build for python scripts

Hey, I thought I would make a GUI builder for creating GUI bones for your python scripts. Its pretty far along in one night, you can layout buttons, select them, and move them. I just have a few questions I need answered:

(1): Is there already a script to layout GUIs?
(2): I would like it if I could use mouse events in my script, how do I do this?
(3): Is any body actually interested in such a script?

Thanks for your time.

I don’t think I need to mention that this script is a Blender script for laying out Blender Python GUIs do I?

hay, i would love it, if it were open source or a least made for linux, if its going to be windows only like ripies one then i won’t be able to find a use for it, but if it’ll for linux, maybe work under python or other linux supported language, then go ahead, and that’ll be so great, can’t help though cos i am so crap with code, but yes, i would have a use for it !!