making a gun shoot in a game

(i have 2.5) could some one plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me with this:eyebrowlift2::eyebrowlift::yes::confused::eyebrowlift2:

The method that I normally use is to have a gun object and a bullet object (the bullet object being in a different scene). The bullet has an always sensor connected to a motion actuator to have the bullet always move along the y-axis. For the gun, I have a mouse sensor that senses when the left mouse button is pressed and then uses a “add object” actuator that adds the bullet object. With this setup, whenever you press the left mouse button the bullet is added at the gun’s origin and flies in the direction you had it go(in this case: the y-axis).

There are some really good tutorials on YouTube. I’m on my iPad right now so I can’t easily post links. Just search “how to shoot a gun in blender” and click the video by “TheBlenderDude” Hope this helps.

That’s the method you’d use for rockets, but it doesn’t really work well for much else. Such objects will usually have imprecise ballistics, and very small objects (e.g. pistol and rifle bullets) may get right through the target without even being detected. In that case rays with Python would be a better choice. There are quite a few examples of this method too.

I’m having this same problem, do you know of a tutorial?