making a gun?

i need a tutorial or for someone to tell me how to make a (at least simple) gun that actually shoots in blender. pleez help me…


omfg i cant figure out how to make a gun for the GE and it really is buggin the hell outta me… help me plz?(srry bout my language, its been pretty annoying…)


Use an fps template.

Instead of being unpleasant, it’ll be more helpful if you told us what is “make a gun”?!
Do you mean a 3d object?
Or just how to use it in a game?
Be more precise please!

zomg you just need to program it lols

OTO you forget to say Hello and Bye:D

If you want to make a gun then search a pic. put it on the background and start modeling :smiley:

i mean how do you make a gun that shoots strait instead of curving when you turn it and not shooting at all when you point it at a 90 degree angle?

think global, act local.

Dear EST, you’re perfectly right!
My apologies

an…fps…template…? wahs dat?(srry im sorta a newb…)

ok i did try local and it did help a little but when I turn the gun about 90 degrees it will hit something like a invisible wall… so local didnt work… any more suggestions?

no I don’t.

The “gun” it’s not important, it’s the way the “fire” setup its made that matters!
Do some tries with a basic scene, an empty that fires some cubes.
When all’s fine you can parent the empty to a moving cube ( the gun) and
check the fire action ( remember that the cube bullet must be in a hidden layer).

First, create an empty in the first layer.

Then, create an icosphere, defaults are fine, and move it to the 2nd layer.

Now, go into the actor panel for the icosphere, set an Always sensor, with an And controller, and finally a Motion actuator with a .5 setting on the middle value (y value) of dLoc.

Next, go into the actor panel for the empty, set a Keyboard sensor with the Space key, an And controller, and an Edit Object actuator, tell it to add object, and in OB: put in Sphere (or the object name of your icosphere should you change it).

Make sure you’re in the first layer, press P to play, and hit the spacebar. Voila, a bullet. From there it’s a matter of setting up the bullet to die on collisions with certains objects and making those objects respond to collisions with the bullet. Babysteps first though.


i know ive had the same problem