Making A Hole For Fracture Simulation

Hey guys, I’ve been wondering how to make a model in preparation for the fracture tool to make pieces that fall out of a hole. This consists of two things, the object that has the hole and the object that fills that hole up and falls apart revealing the hole. Any ideas? Thanks

You have it right, to make a part with hole and broken parts separate peace. It really depends on what kind of visual effect you are looking for.

The word fracture is associated with brittle material. Brittle material fails in more of a catastrophic manner. Only example I can think of hole forming fracture, keeping other part intact, is to have bullet go through it. So may be you are looking for something like this?

Thank you for replying. Actually that’s not was I mean. Imagine if you hit a concrete wall with a hammer. You will leave a hole or small crater like formation in the wall and have small bits and pieces that used to form that crater. So basically I want to make a physics simulation where I leave a crater in the wall with the bits and pieces that use to form that crater falling out.

something like this?

Direct on Vimeo:

Sorry the picture isn’t working :frowning:

Sorry that isn’t what i mean. Refer to this picture. Now, imagine if that hole was filled up and pieces crumbled out of it.

can you see it?

Yes I can :). Thank you, thats what I mean right there. So how was that accomplished?

sorry I dont speak english a lot

  1. create two identical boxes
  2. create and apply a modifier icosphere displace
  3. then apply a boolean modifcador each box, and “object” select icosphere
  4. in a box to select the intersection operation, and the other the difference operation
  5. then apply fracture (fracture tools)

untitled.blend (405 KB)

sorry can you uplaod a file cannot follow what you mean
you start wiht boxe then an icosphere

you meann add 2 objects here ?

also did anyone have done the blenderguru tut for cracks which is easy to do
but how did he do the shrapnells on the soil ?


Its good, I can understand you. That works great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

He added the file if you look at the bottom of the post.

beginning to understand but not all

can one boxe and one icosphere then the boolean dirrence modifer applied here

but what is this

create and apply a modifier icosphere displace

is this to create the icosphere before apllying the boolean modifier ?

happy 2.5

By “create and apply a modifier icosphere displace” he meant add the displace modifier onto the icosphere.
I’ll reexplain what he meant.

  1. Add a box.
  2. Dupicate that box and keep it in the same exact place.
  3. Add an icosphere and move it into the box whatever distance you want. Use the displace modifer on it if you want it to be deformed.
  4. On one box add boolean modifier. Set the object to icosphere. And the operation to difference.
  5. On the other box set the object to icosphere and set the operation to intersect.
  6. Move the 2 boxes and the icosphere onto their own seperate layers.
  7. Apply the boolean modifier on the 2 boxes and delete the icosphere if you want.
  8. Apply fracture to the box that fills the hole.

then your done :slight_smile: