Making a hole in an object from a distance of border of that object

Maybe this is a very basic question but i am really struggeling with it.

How can i make a hole (or position an object) )in another object on a precise distance from a face of that second object

So for example i want for holes in a cube eacht 1cm from the corners of a face of that cube.

It has to be exactly 1cm…

I really don’t know how to to that .

i make a cube, make a cilinder (diameter of hole) i try to position the cilinder at the right spot (and that’s the prob)
and then i make a boolean difference…
The hole is ok, but it’s never on the precise spot, i don’t seem to know how to do that :-((

Warm regards

Hi BlenderMoron,
there are always different ways to do that. here is one way… with some shortcuts.

create a new scene. make sure that the 3d cursor is in world center. add a cube. add a cylinder. press s and press “shift z” to scale that cylinder to the diameter you need. (move that cylinder a bit upwards or scale it in z-axis…depends on what you want to do). enable snap and use closest and edge (for now… you can do that with vertices too…try it later). now hit “g” and “y” for example to move and snap that cylinder to next edge of the cube in y direction. (instead of “y” you can also hit "x or “z”… but use “y” for that explaination ;))… move that cylinder to the edge and it should snap the cylinders outer edge to the inner edge of the cube. If that is done hit “g” again and “y” an type in 0.01. You will see that the cylinder moves exactly 1cm out of the cube or inside the cube. If the cylinder moves outside hit “minus” after you type in that 0.01. Hope that helps even thats a long text… that is how it works. a bit long text to do that simple operation but if you know how it works and you use that shortcuts in blender it can be done in just a fraction of a second… sorry for the long answere and bad english…could not do it shorter.