Making a leotard from a human model

Okay first off im a punter when it comes to Blender so please BE DETAILED

i currently have a Human Model that i would like to create a Leotard from (and some other related items)

what would be the best way to build the leg openings??

right now the front has a decent line but the back is a complete mess (the verts are basically a square grid)

needed limits
1 no creating a huge number of new verts
2 i would like to limit moving verts as much as possible
3 this needs to be able to fit a Child model (so no “thong” type lines)

If You would like to discuss this in private (and get the model in question) please email me robert L Tux at Googles Mail with the subject |Bad Wolf Labs Modeling|

and yes this is for the Make Human project

The easiest way is to copy the leg/hip geometry using shift-d in edit mode, then use that as a base to tweak. You can use the solidify modifier to give it a little more thickness than the actual human.

Leotard is a “skin-tight one-piece garment”, cant you just texture it on the model?

Assuming that this is meant to go on a ‘pre existing’ model (such as you find in Poser) texturing wouldn’t be the way to go. If it was a model built from the bits up it darn well would though. (at least its what I would do)

Working from that assumption, I’d take safteyman’s advice. To be honest, I’d have started by dupicating the body vertices where the leotard was to go using shift-d, then split them into their own object.

okay it looks like A i need to find the Notify on new posts setting B i need to be more detailed

here is my setup

i have an OBJ format Human Model and i have used Solidify to make a duplicate of the skin layer. I want to use this duplicate to create a series of clothing items (dance stuff and some unders). Because the verts are not placed correctly i need to do some editing to create the leg openings (and some other areas but those are mostly straight). I think if i can split the surfaces between pairs of verts then i should come close HOW CAN THIS BE DONE WITH BLENDER.

im starting with the base.obj from the MakeHuman Project (btw they need some serious help fixing the base model if any of y’all want a challenge).

oh and no this can not be done with just texture work

Okay. first things first, what your doing isn’t going to work the way you want.
If I’m understanding you correctly, you’ve used solidify on the entire mesh, which will do just that, solidify areas where you want skin as well as leotard. that won’t work for what you want to do, K?

Instead, try the following workflow (after deleting your solidify modifier)
Go into edit mode on the mesh you got from makehuman. using circle or box tools, select JUST the vertices that will define the leotard. Hit shift-d, then escape. This will make duplicates of those vertices in their original positions. Then hit P and choose Selected. this will then give you TWO meshes, one that has the original makehuman mesh and a second that has just the vertices for your leotard. I’d then suggest renaming the leotard mesh to something like “leotard” just so you can remember what it is. then apply your solidify modifier to the leotard mesh, and edit THAT mesh.

What you were doing would have edited the original mesh, distorting it. this will allow you to ‘fix’ the areas you want of the leotard without changing the underlying geometry of the basehuman mesh.

I agree with ridix, texturing and normal maps should be sufficient.

If you want to build leotard object, first, what you do is to duplicate the main character mesh. Edit the mesh and cutoff arm, neck, and leg so that you get the torso. Scale this mesh up normally to face [Alt][S], to the thickness of leotard.

Here is tutorial on that subject.

just to address a couple things.

1 im using solidify to increase the size of the base mesh (to allow the “fitting” script the space it needs)
2 yes i need to remove parts of the mesh but getting those parts removed is the trick
3 im planning on doing a set of clothing (tights and gloves are included)
4 could somebody please actually look at the mesh to see what im having problems with??
5 Video tutorials are useless to me unless they are hosted where they can be downloaded

I recall seeing a script recently that took a 2 dimensional surface based on a sewing pattern, and ‘stiched’ it onto a humanoid model. I cannot recall what it was called, but I think I must have seen it on blender nation, or maybe while browsing youtube.